About our products

Each Ruthie Cate product is designed by Laura and is made by hand.  Read more about the shop's inspiration and individual products here.  When possible, we source from shops located in the USA.  

Teething Products

Pendants and beads on my teethers and necklaces are made from food-grade, BPA-free silicone, so you can let your little one mouth without worry.  Teethers are made on satin nylon cord, and necklaces are generally strung with cotton cord.  

Teethers and necklaces are quality-tested before they are sold, and Ruthie Cate is confident in the durability of the product.  Both teethers and necklaces are made with hidden knots in the teethers, or knots on the side of the necklaces to prevent most beads from falling off in the event of breakage.  However, as with any children's products, do not leave your child unattended with any toy or teether.  

This is a moderate-density silicone, which means it is fine for babies and most toddlers or anyone who needs to nibble or chomp silicone.  However, these are not heavy-duty therapy density and may not survive an encounter with serious, hardcore biting from older children.  The most dense pendants are the elephant, the deer, the owl, and the shaped necklace pendants. 

Your teether can be wiped off with water and mild soap when necessary.  If your teether shows any signs of wear or breakage, please discontinue use immediately and contact RuthieCate@gmail.com for repair information.

Stone products

Semiprecious gemstone bracelets are beaded on memory wire or on elastic, depending on the style.  Memory wire is incredibly durable and can be adjusted to fit your wrist.  You can try:

  • squeezing the coil tighter,
  • stretching the coil out,
  • bending the ends to cling to your wrist,
  • making the wire more oblong or more circular.

The wire itself won't break, so bend away!  

For longest life on your stretch bracelet, roll it over your hand to put it on, rather than stretching it out, and avoid immersing it in water.


Leather products are hand-stamped and dyed in small batches with a water-based dye.  The stamping and dying process can be time-consuming so please allow extra ordering time for custom color or stamping selections. 

Cuffs are offered in a variety of sizes.  For a closer fit, stay close to your actual wrist size; for a looser fit, size up.  For example, a 6.25" wrist would be able to wear the X-small 6" cuff, but it would be snug.  Sizing up to the Small 6.5" cuff allows the cuff to move a bit more.

The leather is conditioned and finished before it is sent to you.  Please be aware that due to the nature of the dye, the dye may not be entirely colorfast.  

Blessed Solanus Casey Decade Rosaries

I am proud to source these gorgeous laser-cut wood pieces from Salem Studio, right here in Michigan.  Due to the wood components, I do not recommend these for rough-and-tumble teens or lives — they’ll do much better on a rearview mirror or rosary hook than in a pocket. They should be fine in a protective rosary case in a purse, but please be aware of the somewhat delicate nature of these pieces.